Computational fluid dynamics (or CFD) is a means of generating solutions for fluid flows both with and without solid interactions. The process is compatible with a variety of process gases, as well as fluids such as water and gasoline. CFD is just one of numerous industry leading processes used to generate solutions for flows.

At Preissner Engineering, we rely on innovative tooling and expert staff to ensure that our projects end in success. We offer engineering consulting services to a broad array of organizations across numerous industries. Our facilities in Ann Arbor, Michigan house an extensive collection of machinery, giving us broad capabilities to meet nearly any customer need.

The Benefits of CFD Services

CFD gives a team the freedom to calculate system behavior even when more conventional calculation is not possible. This often occurs when systems are especially complex, but CFD helps designers and engineers visualize and manipulate models when other solutions can’t deliver.

Thanks to CFD, the Preissner team can perform a sweeping range of analyses. CFD offers several options for analyses, including:

• Transient
• Compressible
• Multi-phase

Boundary conditions and heat transfer may be set according to client specifications for each project.

Upon analysis, our team immediately gains insight into exactly how fluid flow persists within a system. Physical properties like velocity, pressure, temperature, density, and viscosity may all be manipulated to customize the flow and see what works best for the application. This makes it easy to analyze existing designs, identify areas for improvement, confirm design efficacy, and offer advice on material and shape selection.

Preissner: Your CFD Partner

At PEC, we are committed to crafting reliable systems and components. We thoroughly inspect and test each design that our team or our clients present over the course of a project. Thanks to our thorough testing capabilities like CFD, Preissner staff is well-positioned to make educated improvements and other tailored decisions concerning a system’s design.

Our team is dedicated to the pursuit of perfection regardless of a customer’s project requirements and constraints. If your organization would like to learn more about our CFD capabilities, contact us today!