PEC supports a variety of customers with dedicated and specialized analysis work.  This includes 3D CAD model and subsequent FEM generation from legacy paper or digital drawings, import of existing CAD or FE models for additional analyses, analysis for static strength, deflection, weld strength, fatigue, coupled electrical/thermal, and others.  PEC also provides expert opinions and/or review of designs.

  • Stress analysis, deflection analysis, weld and/or fatigue assessment
  • Coupled electrical / thermal analysis
  • Design consultation
  • Customers:  BCNIdeal FabricatorsA123Bauer Controls

3000 Ton Press Slide

Work with stamping press OEM to diagnose and repair cracking issue with 3000 ton press slide.

3500 Ton Press Slide

Work with stamping press OEM, providing stress analysis to modify 3500 ton press slide for revised dies.

Ceramic Knee Orthotic Implant

Strength analysis of a ceramic knee orthotic for a start-up manufacturer.

Electric Interconnect

Transient electro-thermal analysis, including resistive heating, of an electronic interconnect.

Air Trans Retrofit

Design, strength analysis, and USAF documentation for retrofit of air transportation tie down provisions on an existing Class 8 tractor.

Tool Base

Provided rapid-turnaround strength analysis to show the effect, or lack of effect, of different weld schemes on large gantry tool tooling base.