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Space vehicle containers and specialized ground transportation systems (MGSE)

PEC provided guidance to the design teams on key technical issues from overall structural architecture to details such as isolators, welds, and bolts; performed complex assembly FEA (static, vibration, and shock response, including contact); evaluated mass simulators and proof test configurations; interacted directly with NASA and the aerospace OEMs; and was a primary focal point for the Air Transport Certification for transport on board both C-5B and the specialized C-5A (SCM) aircraft.

The NASA James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is the ground-breaking follow-on to the historic Hubble telescope.  It will be fabricated and tested at a number of different locations around the United States and launched from French Guiana in South America.  PEC was an integral part of the team that designed, analyzed, manufactured, and tested the protective container and transportation assembly for the JWST.  JWST will start its moves in Fall of 2013, culminating in a launch in 2018.

The NASA Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) is extending the record-breaking 40-year operation of Landsat.    PEC was an integral part of the team that designed, analyzed, manufactured, and tested the satellite roll-over fixture, the protective container, and transportation assembly for the LDCM.  LDCM was successfully launched in March of 2013 and turned over to the USGS in May of 2013.  After use with LDCM, the transportation assembly will be retrofitted to work with the NASA MMS (Magnetospheric Multiscale) mission.

The NASA Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission is helping to understand climate change through improved global monitoring of precipitation.  PEC was part of the integrated team that designed, analyzed, manufactured, and tested the specialty roller bed trailer that will transfer the GPM transportation container from the road transport to the C-5 aircraft. GPM will be launched from Japan in 2014.  The trailer is a robust design that enables use by NASA on other missions for years to come.


Aerospace components

PEC provides high-level structural design and analysis support to Tier 1 aerospace OEM suppliers.  This support involves both metallic and composite primary and secondary aircraft structures.  Linear, nonlinear, contact, static, dynamic (modal and vibration) with point, pressure, inertial, thermal, and vibratory loads.  From top-level global finite element models (GFEMs) to detailed component-level analyses.


Other projects

PEC supports a variety of other customers with dedicated and specialized analysis work.  This includes 3D CAD model and subsequent FEM generation from legacy paper or digital drawings, import of existing CAD or FE models for additional analyses, analysis for static strength, deflection, weld strength, fatigue, coupled electrical/thermal, and others.  PEC also provides expert opinions and/or review of designs.


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